Thank you for visit us and sorry for the delay. We weren’t able to find the parts and materials we needed for our green design fashion and accessories on the originally scheduled time. Instead, we have to develop the designs from the beginning. This process starts with fibers and plants for garment and nontraditional air plating colors for metal. The good news is that the sustainable material researching and development is now in its final stage. Thank you for your patience and here is our new launch calendar. Please sign up our newsletters for event updates. Meanwhile, we are going to start posting new positive graphic quote daily for you to share.

Before 2017
Initial Product Idea Concepts Form:

Material concepts form:Cotton, modal, linen, gemstone, seashell, wood, ceramic, natural plant dyes.

Early product sample designs.

Feb. 2017
Sourcing & Material Developing:

Nov. 2017
Retouch product concept & design after Finalizing sustainable materials and green manufactory process.

Jan. 2018
Marketing Material Put Together:
You are welcome to join our photoshoot in NYC & SF Bay in the U.S. Qualified participants will receive ECOG unique design eco friendly natural planted dyed embossed cotton/modal Tshirt and carved natural sandalwood hand braided bracelets. Don’t forget to sign up the newsletter below for the event update.

Jan. 2018
KC Campaign for the Eco Gentleman products launch.
* Help us make the project alive.

Feb. 2018
Collect KC Campaign info, backers select eco gentleman products options/sizes.

Feb. 2018
Production Begins:

April 2018
All premium products campaign rewards shipped to backers. Grand open official launch for the online store.

Jun. 2018
Expand colors and designs shipped.

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November 18, 2017